Client Feedback:

"Jane conducted the Limiting Belief Change with me. I recognised through previous coaching that my lowest limiting belief was not feeling ‘good enough’.  This was a powerful realisation to me and was quite emotional initially. Jane conducted the Limiting Belief technique with me, and I cannot stress enough how calm and relaxed Jane made me feel during this process. Jane was conscientious and professional throughout the process. She took her time to ensure maximum effectiveness of the technique for me. Once the session was finished I felt calm, positive and confident in my ability to be the best ‘me’ I can be. Thank you Jane."

F. Burke, 2015

"Jane’s innovative use of the Chaining Anchors NLP technique helped me explore and eliminate some of the things that were stopping me moving forward. I can procrastinate about the simplest things and found this technique has given me a resource to help motivate me quickly & easily.  Thank you."

K. Owen, 2015

"The coaching session I had with Jane helped me to clarify short and long term goals for my future work in NLP and Time Line Therapy and construct a realistic programme working towards this. Our second session was inspirational in helping me to clear a dividing line from which I was pulled by indecision between two seemingly conflicting life directions."

S. Birkett, 2015

"I feel like the sessions are tailored to my personal needs. Jane writes up our notes and emails them to me, seeing  my goals and strategies written down helps me to achieve them." 

" Jane is fully trained, qualified, experienced and knowledgeable to meet my particular needs, she maintains professional standards and works in my interests".

"I am very satisfied with the service I have received,  Jane maintains a friendly relationship with me and contributes positively to my needs".

"I am very likely to re-contact A Better Way in the future and would recommend the organisation to a friend".

"The fee paid for support was high value".

S. Carlin, 2016

"I enjoyed meeting you and thought you were a wonderful, warm and welcoming person with a lot of knowledge and experience. You were very passionate about the subject and you could tell it mattered to you."

L. Benham, 2016